Foto CVAbraham Muinelo. Managing Partner

Industrial Engineer (esp: alimentary industry) with a specialization in Oenology. Master in Industrial Organization (University of Barcelona). Enotechnology and oenology postgraduate (UPM). Complemented his training as an engineer with Business Degree studies and a Master in Business Administration – MBA -. Currently, he is developing a Ph.D. in Economics (UPM) oriented to Strategic Management & Competitiveness. Fifteen years of experience as business development manager, advisor and chief director. IWS Consultants & BvQ Advisors Managing Partner. Trainer in in many courses for leading companies as Repsol YPF, Navantia, Convasal, SICESA, etc.

National judge in different European debating tournaments for many colleges, universities and business schools. Has given training and consultancy in strategic management, strategic marketing, compliance, risk prevention, negociation, etc.for more than 200 companies. He is postgraduate professor in advanced management  courses in five universities and business colleges.

Chief Director of the Compliance Committee and former DIrector of marketing & strategic communications at World Compliance Association.


  • Master in Business Management (USC). (2011-13). 2.000h. Master’s degree (Nivel 3 MECES, EQF- L7). A two-year, full-time program & executive education with a focus on real-world practice & into the role of decision makers.
  • Master in industrial Organization (Barcelona University) (2004).
  • Master in Occupational Risk Prevention   (3 specialties) (Barcelona University) (2003) & OHSAS Auditor (2006).
  • Master in Quality Management (Barcelona University) (2003) &  SGCT Auditor
  • Enotechnology and oenology postgraduate (UPM).



Engineering projects Extraordinary Award (Project Excellence Awards) (2001) by the project «Design and construction of a industrial winery and process engineering for the elaboration of 800,000 liters of wine (D.O. Rías Baixas)».

– MBA Thesis «Strategic leadership and business communication for the 21st Century. «

–  International Marketing Thesis  «Strategic analysis of the Spanish wine sector and proposals for improvement and competitiveness»

–  International Business. Advanced negotiation; International negotiation techniques

Program of Advanced Studies. Research skills in the area of economics and business (USC).

– Inglés: Business English (BBA). Commercial English (BBA). Financial English (BBA) y Cambridge Advanced Certificate of English -CAE (C1).

Passionate about the challenges and continuous improvement, currently he is Managing Partner at BQV Business Consulting & IWS Consultants developing his work in the areas of consultancy in strategic management,, business development, negotiation, management skills, innovation management, bussiness intelligence, compliance consulting, strategic marketing and communication

Communication: Press & international consultant accreditation for the most prestigious international fairs in the world (Salón de Gourmets, Forum Gastronomic Barcelona, Vinexpo Burdeos, Vinexpo Hong Kong, ProWein Düsseldorf, Vinexpo New York, etc…).

Debate Judge in many universities, colleges and business schools. Collaborator and analyst in various media and founder & chief editor of «», «El Gourmet 3.0» e «», web oriented towards innovation and competitiveness in the wine sector.

Postgraduate in management skills (USC), developing the final work «Strategic leadership and business communication for the 21st Century. «, and courses at various universities in the areas of innovation, business intelligence, international marketing, negotiation, leadership, organizational analysis and speaking and communication. He has also conducted business management courses and programs in several business schools, most notably IESE, IE, Abanca/IESIDE, EOI, EF, London School of Economics, Universidad de Standford (on line) y Ross School of Business de la universidad de Michigan.



  • Creation and management of companies. School of Industrial Organization (Madrid).
  • Cursos de Advanced English (C1 Cambridge Certificate). EF Business School. 
  • People Management. IESE Business School.
  • Management by competences. AEDIPE. 
  • Conference Cycle: High Performance Equipment Management. Abanca Business School.
  • Critical Perspectives on Management. IE Business School.
  • Organizational Analysis. MBA Module. Stanford University (on line).
  • Leadership in Organizations. The London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE).
  • Advanced Management Program  «Expert Manager». IESIDE Business Institute.
  • Essential Strategies and Skills for successful negotiation. Average 8,93. Stephen M. Ross School of Business. Universidad of Michigan.
  • Advanced Negotiation techniques. MBA module. University of Santiago de Compostela.
  • Advanced executive training program (ICEX-CECO).
  • Business Intelligence & data analyticss (UAC).



  • Speech and Business Communication (2013). ICE (Imparted by Mr. Manuel Campo Vidal).
  • Master Classes. Personal Branding. IE Business School.
  • Efficient presentations. University of Santiago de Compostela.
  • Strategic and digital communication in the company. TIC. Cluster Communication Technologies.
  • Speech and communication techniques. European Training Institute for Trainers.
  • Social Networks, Digital Marketing and Monitoring. TIC. Cluster Communication Technologies.
  • Press & international consultant accreditation for the most prestigious fairs in the world (Salón de Gourmets, Forum Gastronomic Barcelona, Vinexpo Burdeos, Vinexpo Hong Kong, ProWein Düsseldorf, Vinexpo New York, etc…)
  • Analyst and media collaborator in the areas of economic analysis, innovation, company and wines; Mundiario, Expansión, Innowine, Vinetur…



  • Consumer psychology. USC.
  • Sales techniques. EES.
  • Visual marketing, EES.
  • Web analytics. School of Industrial Organization.
  • Personal branding & Digital marketing. EES.
  • Online Marketing Strategy. CEU-Cardenal Herrera.
  • Skills and competences through coaching. Universidad of Valencia.
  • Videoconference program and debate on internationalization experiences with company executives (Aphoteka, Tele 5, Acciona, DAMM, etc…).
  • Commercial management. A++ (BBA degree subject.).
  • Marketing management. A++ (BBA degree).
  • Strategic marketing A++ (MBA degree).
  • International marketing. A++ (MBA degree subject).
  • Customer loyalty and attraction marketing.TIC. Cluster Communication Technologies.



  • Management of Innovation and Business Development. University of La Coruña. 
  • Management of operations and technology A**. (MBA degree).
  • Innovation and entrepreneurship (UEM).
  • Strategic Innovation for Entrepreneurs (UEM)
  • Biotechnology in the Alimentary Industry (USC).
  • Marketing Expertise in Open Innovation and Marketing of Innovation. University of La Coruña. 



  • Graduate WSET (London) (in process).
  • Tasting courses in Bordeaux (France). Cité du Vin
  • Technical level. Tasting Bordaux Wines. L’école du vin bordeaux.
  • Sensory analysis. University of Santiago de Compostela.
  • University education in alimentary technology, fermentative industries, plant production technology, viticulture, oenology, sensory analysis, biotechnology, chromatographic analysis techniques, etc.
  • Assistance to more than 1,000 tastings, pairings, wineries, fairs and presentations – Spain, Germany, USA, France and Italy – since 1998.



  • Master in Occupational Risk Prevention. 3 specialties; Safety at Work, Industrial Hygiene and Ergonomics and Applied Psycho-sociology.  University of Barcelona.
  • Occupational risk prevention systems. Auditor. (CIP Business School). The audit is a management instrument that aims to provide a faithful image of the system used by the company to prevent occupational hazards.
  • Industrial Security.Protecting productivity. University of Valencia.
  • Risk Prevention in petrochemistry. University of Valencia.
  • Safety Coordination on Construction Sites. University of Valencia.
  • Electrical hazards. University of Valencia.
  • Risk Prevention in Mining and extractive industries. Ministry of Economy.
  • Theoretical-practical course of chemical contingencies. Forgatrans.
  • Firefighting course (Practical module included). Ministry of Economy Course.



  • Specialist in assisted design with Autocad 2D-3D. 300h. University of Valencia.